French Model U43 with MIL


French Model U43 with MIL

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French Model U43 with MIL

This model is in Black

This was the standard desk telephone manufactured by Ericcson for the French Post Office (PTT).

The U43 purports to mean a “universal telephone first manufactured in 1943 and was around until the ’80s..

This actual telephone was called Model 330-01 and was issued in March 1960 and has the Mother-in Law Listener (MIL). This was an additional earpiece very useful for two people to listen in to the conversation. This MIL slots into a bracket at the rear of the telephone when not in use. The cord on the MIL is original, the braided handset cord is a later addition, as is the Line Jack Cord. The transmitter and receiver are “electronic” replacements.

It is in very good condition and has been converted to work in the United Kingdom if you have pulse dialling.

Remember that dial telephones need to have PULSE DIALLING on your telephone line to be able to dial out. Even if you had TONE DIALLING, which is the other form of dialling that you may have, they will still ring on an incoming call, and you would still be able to pick up the call and talk, but you would NOT be able to dial out. All BT lines have pulse dialling but some of the smaller cable companies do not offer this.