American 500 Series Black


American 500 Series Black.

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American 500 Series Black

This was the standard desk telephone issued by Bell Systems in North America from 1950 until 1984.

It was the brain-child of industrial designers, Henry Dreyfuss, and until 1953 only black models were issued.

This actual model was issued by the Canadian company,  Northern Electric,  probably in the late 60s for  Manitoba Telephone Systems.

It is in very good condition and has been converted to work in the United Kingdom if you have pulse dialling.

Remember that dial telephones need to have PULSE DIALLING on your telephone line to be able to dial out.                                                                                               Even if you had TONE DIALLING, which is the other form of dialling that you may have, they will still ring on an incoming call, and you would still be able to pick up the call and talk, but you would NOT be able to dial out. All BT lines have pulse dialling but some of the smaller cable companies do not offer this.