Airmail Machin F12 Set Guillotined Single


Airmail Machin F12 Set Guillotined Single

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Airmail Machin F12 Set Guillotined Single

Airmail singles from Royal Mail Presentation Packs.

Available from Presentation Pack No 88 (The Philatelic Bureau (PB) number is DR007).

Issued on the 8th May 2010 and printed by Walsall Security Printers Ltd. The gum is  Polyvinyl Self Adhesive (PSA) gum. The paper is also Non Fluorescent Coated Paper (NFCP).

“Worldwide 40 grams” in rosine and new blue.

Gibbon’s Concise catalogue (2017) number is 2359 (this is also the same number as previous Worldwide 40g stamps).

However, this stamp is guillotined from booklet cover material with a coloured backing.

To conclude, the perforation is 15 x 14, There are also two phosphor bands (dull fluorescence).

You are buying ONE set of FOUR airmail “Worldwide 40grams” stamps. Because this issue was die-cut from booklet material there are four different ‘backings’ to collect. There are only a few sets available (much harder to obtain than A1/A2 Sets). Our reference F12 Set.

Airmail Machin F12 Set Guillotined Single


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These Airmail singles were issued between 2003 and 2010. Because customers may not have wanted a full booklet, the Philatelic Bureau had to issue singles. As the stamps were self-adhesive the PB decided to die-stamp or guillotine these issues to make marketing easier.

Catalogue numbers for these stamps are difficult to allocate. Consequently we have numbered them between A1 and F14. The A to F designation refers to the six Presentation Packs that the stamps appear in. The numbers 1 to 14 denote individual stamps within the packs.

In conclusion, all of our stamps are also in an excellent condition, and are unmounted mint. We will mention any variation of this statement.

Please let us know if we have made a mistake with this description!

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NB Generally the phosphor fluorescence was bright on A1; A2; and B3.  The remainder have dull fluor. There may be other variations of fluor, but the above examples were from Presentation Packs that we ordered from the PB on numerous different dates.

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