United States Definitives New Values 1925


United States Definitives New Values 1925

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United States Definitives New Values 1925

Issued 28th December 1925 (17c) and 11th January 1926 (13c).

New values with flat plate printings and a perforation of 11.

Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Part 22, United States, 8th Edition, 2015.

Catalogue numbers SG 626a (13c light-green) and SG627 (17c black). (Our scanner does not like reproducing greens very much! So apologies about the 13 cents which seems much too light in our photo; but it isn’t really! Also slight damage to this stamp, so no charge!).

These stamps are also from a collection started by my Grandfather in circa 1901.

United States Definitives New Values 1925


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We mention the Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Part 22: United States. These SG numbers are from the Eighth Edition printed in 2015.

All of these stamps are used (with varying degrees of postal marks), and at some stage have been mounted.

Some of these American stamps have hinges or parts of hinges. Others may just have adhesive marks left over from the hinges, and some are clear on the back.

Also several of these stamps have a penciled number on the reverse. These coincide, within three or four numbers, of the Gibbons catalogue numbers.

In conclusion, all of our stamps are unmounted mint and in an excellent condition. We will mention any variation to this statement.

Please let us know if we have made a mistake with this description.We are not experts on stamps from the United States. Consequently please accept that our descriptions are not set in stone!!

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United States Definitives New Values 1925