Unstitched Pane UNP5 Gracious Accession DX28


Unstitched Pane UNP5 Gracious Accession DX28

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Unstitched Pane UNP5 Gracious Accession DX28

Gracious Accession

Wilding Pane.

Issued  6th February 2002 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Printed in photogravure by Joh. Enschede en Zonen.

The only source of the so called “Wonky Wilding”. Prestige and Specialised catalogue numbers: 2258a and UN6 respectively.

From Prestige Booklet DX28. Pane number 4.

Specialised catalogue number UNP5.

Concise (2017) catalogue number 2258b valued at £18.00 for the normal pane.

Watermark W1565 (Specialised W25) sideways, (diagonal on 2258Ea – UN6 Specialised).

Unstitched Pane UNP5 Gracious Accession DX28


GB QEII Unstitched Prestige Booklet Panes

We noticed a few years ago that “Unstitched Prestige Booklet Panes” were being offered for sale on the open market.

The stitching holding a Prestige booklet together is cut with a sharp knife. This gives access to the various panes contained within the booklet complete with their interleaving. When a single pane is inspected  the stitching holes are a few millimetres from the left-hand edge. Furthermore you will also find vertical roulettes each side of the pane text. The unstitched panes still have the roulettes, but with no stitching holes!

When producing First Day Covers, the Royal Mail Philatelic Bureau used Prestige panes from uncut sheets to prevent wastage. This was before they were assembled into booklet form. We presume other companies were also offered this option. Should unstitched panes have been issued to the general public in a mint condition?

We do not know this pane’s history.

PS Don’t be mis-led into buying prestige panes that have been detached from the first row of rouletting. We often see them advertised as normal panes.


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Prestige Pane UNP5 A Gracious Accession.

NB The Specialised catalogue number UNW5 was changed to UNP5 in the Catalogue Supplement dated March ’12.

Unstitched Pane UNP5 Gracious Accession DX28