Machin UJD27 5p 2013 Cylinder D2 3-1


Machin UJD27 5p 2013 Cylinder D2 3-1.

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Machin UJD27 5p 2013 Cylinder D2 3-1

Ash Pink.

Printed by De La Rue in Photogravure  on Non-fluorescent Coated Paper (NFCP). Furthermore there is self-adhesive gum (SA) gum and die-cut perforations. These are 14½ x 14 (E) with one elliptical perforation on each vertical edge.

Sheet sizes have been reduced to 25 stamps in a 5 x 5 format.

The sheet is rouletted between each row and column. Excess backing paper has been removed.

The printed stamp also has U-shaped slits with an iridescent overprint .

As the issue grew, source and date codes were added within the iridescent overprint.

There is no source code on this issue (signifying counter sheets), and the date code is “M17L”

Issued originally on 3rd January 2013. The actual print date is 9th March 2017.

This example has Cylinder D2 D1  phosphor D1 and the position is row 3, column 1. We have also included the single column date block.

Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Specialised Catalogue Volume 4 Part 2 catalogue number UJD27.

Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue (2017) number U2922.

Unmounted mint and in pristine condition.

Machin UJD27 5p 2013 Cylinder D2 3-1.


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Machin UJD27 5p 2013 Cylinder D2 3-1 .