GPO 700 Series Green


GPO 700 Series Green

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GPO 700 Series Green

GPO 746  Green

The BT  746 model was issued in 1967 to supercede the 706 series.

This particular telephone was manufactured by Pye in their Aidre factory during 1971. It was refurbished in the GPO Factory in Cwmcarn, Wales in 1978.

The curly cord is fine and the  line jack cord (green) is new.

This ‘phone is in excellent condition for a 43 year old model; the handset is also in excellent condition. This phone works in the United Kingdom if you have pulse dialling.

Remember that dial telephones need to have PULSE DIALLING on your telephone line to be able to dial out. Even if you had TONE DIALLING, which is the other form of dialling that you may have, they will still ring on an incoming call, and you would still be able to pick up the call and talk.  All BT lines have pulse dialling but some of the smaller cable companies do not offer this feature.